Quarter Finalist ‘La Cup’ (First International Teamchampionship) in 2013
Belgian Vice Champion “Solo Male” in 2014
Belgian Vice Champion “Tag Team” in 2016 with Fatty K
Semi-finalist ‘Belgium’s Got Talent’ in 2019

Bookings: info@record-playground.com

Replay: Uruz Beatbox – Belgium’s Got Talent 2019

Botram and Uruz love to join forces onstage, offering relaxation through a delightful set that explores the intersections of lofi hiphop, jazz, chill house, and future garage.

Bookings: info@record-playground.com

Latest Release: Botram & Uruz – Midnight Rain

B.E.E.S.T. creates music theatre with pumping beats and funny lyrics, originating from a slightly twisted universe with a significant touch of eccentricity.

Bizarrobos #1 is their creation full of compelling stories and wacky music that will keep you from staying still. From salsa to drum ‘n bass, from house to hip-hop. About extraordinary creatures you didn’t know existed and didn’t know what they could do. Dance along with “de Housemus”, “het Weekdier”, and “de Discoteek”.

Age: 8+
Text, music, and performance: Joep Conjaerts, Elke Dingenen, and Wouter Konings
Coaching: Amara Reta
Costumes: Joke Van de Casteele

Bookings: info@record-playground.com

Trailer: B.E.E.S.T. | Bizarrobos #1

A visual performance for all ages, where the WARMTH of the fire is combined with the WOW of handstands!

In a mystical forest where the trees perform handstands and the fire dances to an enchanting melody, you hear whispers… through the chirping… about a nest high in the mountains.

The shaman, surrounded by the energy of nature, begins her ritual.

Will nature respond this time and grant her a glimpse of the paradise bird?

Follow the shaman on the adventure of the mysterious egg!

Bookings: info@record-playground.com



03     B.E.E.S.T. – Bizarrobos #1 – Theatergarage, Antwerp – tickets
04     B.E.E.S.T. – Bizarrobos #1 – Theatergarage, Antwerp (school performance)
05     B.E.E.S.T. – Bizarrobos #1 – Theatergarage, Antwerp (school performance)
07     Uruz – Beatbox – GBS Klimboom, Boortmeerbeek (school performance)
16    ParadOeuf – Zaal Baronie – K!Dans, Mechelen (free entrance)
16    Uruz – Beatbox – Jazz op de Hei, Kalmthout – tickets


24     Uruz – Beatbox – Lille (school performance)


04     Attaboy – Talent In De Tuin, Zandvliet (try-out)
06     B.E.E.S.T. – Bizarrobos #1 – CC Stroming, Evergem (school performance)

07     B.E.E.S.T. – Bizarrobos #1 – CC Stroming, Evergem (school performance)

06     Uruz – Beatbox – VBS Boekt, Heusden-Zolder (school performance)

08     Uruz – Beatbox – Edegem (school performance)

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